Okinawa Prefecture extends over a group of islands in the subtropical zone of southwestern Japan. Surrounded by the crystal clear water and the corral reefs known to be among the world's finest, colorful flowers bloom year-round in Okinawa. It is a popular vacation destination in Japan for diving and swimming.

Until 19th century, Okinawa was an independent nation, the Kingdom of the Ryukus. As a tributary of China, Okinawa thrived with prosperous trade covering an extensive area of Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. The mixed cultural influences from that era give Okinawa a unique heritage as seen in their traditional performing arts, ceramics and crafts.

MicroTAS 2012 will be held in Okinawa Convention Center 14 kilometers from the island's gateway, Naha airport, and 10 kilometers from Naha city the Prefectural capitol.